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24 Sep 2015

5 Stars In ScreenTrade Magazine

Thomas Tucker BBQ-flavour

KRAX Chips



NEW from Tommy Tucker is the Krax Pack. Billed as 'neither a crisp nor a cracker, but a KRAX' conflation, yes, we were intially a bit ambivalent towards the idea, sensing less novelty and more gimmick; but how wrong we were. First, in the ample 100g-sized bag, the kraxes - which comprise a soft and thick ridged shell, initially put you in mind of prawn crackers that partially dissolve on the tongue. They are as addictive as Pringles, meaning you'll plough through them mechanically. The dregs at the end of the bag contain a nice shot of salt. Ten out of ten for this debut product which we thinkshould prove a cinema favourite.