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24 Sep 2015

4.5 Stars In ScreenTrade Magazine

Thomas Tucker Popcorn

Various new, traditional and exotic popcorn ranges


Surprisingly, perhaps not all popcorn is created equal, and testimony to this comes in the form of some new ranges from Tommy Tucker, which, no doubt for good reason, dominates the UK Cinema market. Coming in various grab, sharing and family-pack sizes is a new range including: Fruits of the Forest, Toffee, Coconut Toffee, Luxury Toffee, Chilli & Lemon, Salted, Sweet ‘n’ Salt and Caramel Summer Fruits.

Coming out on top were the Carmel Summer Fruits, which were not only texturally and aromatically good (and with a raspberry taste dominant); but what was also liked about the ranges, and particularly their consistency, is the genuine ability to taste the individual components in the mixed flavoured combos e.g. with Coconut Toffee, instead of a vague amalgamation, you taste both along with a hint of a ‘nutty’ flavour. Salt ‘n’ Sweet reminded us mostly of the renowned ‘sugarpuff’ cereal. Either way, we applaud these attempts to introduce exotic twists into traditional flavours which is always a gamble if the right note is missed. The 100g packs remain ample enough for one person and, in the way of all good snacks, should be moreish 'til the end.









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